BBC’s bakery drama

A new drama series The Baker Boys aired on BBC Wales on Sunday 22 January. It charts the lives off a tight-knit South Wales community as the recession bites and the local Valley Bara bakery, which lies at the heart of the town, is forced to close.

Arkady hits centenary

The Arkady brand is celebrating its centenary year, and bakery ingredients manufacturer CSM is to mark the occasion with some new bread recipes, as well as a series of special centenary promotional offers, from money-off discounts, to prize draws. It started the year with a Blue Cross Sale, giving bakers 20% off some of its best-selling mixes and improvers.

Bakery in car crash

A driver gave staff at Renfrew-based Wellbread Bakery a shock when he crashed into the door of their shop, cracking the window. No-one inside the shop was hurt and the only person injured was the 83-year-old driver, who suffered a suspected broken nose and a cut hand.

Love celebration

Teatime Events, a new firm set up by Jane and Abbi Rutter from Gaerwen in Wales, made Dwynwen cupcakes to celebrate Santes Dwynwen day the Welsh patron saint of lovers which were delivered in a box with a message, as an alternative to flowers.

Folate rate tackled

Australia’s rate of women with low folate, putting an unborn baby at risk of disability, has dropped since the country’s bakers have been required to use wheat flour fortified with the nutrient since September 2009. Research published in the Medical Journal of Australia showed there had been a related fall in folate deficiency of almost 80%, with folate deficiency dropping from 9% in 2009 to 2.1% in 2010.