Products from newly launched brand Swiss Bakery could hit the shelves before the summer is out, following presentations and a successful stand at Caffè Culture, said marketing and sales director Gerry O’Reilly.

Parent company Private & Brand, based in Belfast, supplies retail and foodservice markets in the UK and Ireland. Realising there was an opportunity to supply authentic Swiss products, it decided to create its own brand, rather than relying on private-label work, said O’Reilly. The products are made in Switzerland by Swiss Bakery’s manufacturing partner Jowa AG.

The company opened its UK office in London last month, and is currently engaging in discussions with buyers in major multiples and foodservice, said O’Reilly, as well as designing its full merchandising operation. "We felt there was an opportunity to offer some additional competition to companies such as Cuisine de France, Country Choice and others," he said.

The product range will feature a selection of breads, as well as savoury and sweet pastry lines - for example Swiss chocolate-filled croissants, apple and cinnamon strudels and a raspberry and vanilla cream patisserie-filled Danish. On the savoury side, the company is offering a turkey-filled croissant. O’Reilly said it will also offer organic and seeded breads and aims to replicate the types of products found on the shelves of stores like Whole Foods.

The products will mainly be supplied frozen and par-baked. "Some will be supplied fully baked and will just need warming in the oven, such as hand-held hot savouries," said O’Reilly. "The rest will be baked-off in store."