A West Sussex craft bakery is making the most of its delivery van by using it as a mobile shop to sell bread and cakes in nearby villages.

The Spinning Wheel, which has a shop in Midhurst, came up with the idea after customers at its monthly market stall in the nearby village of Stedham asked whether the bakery could visit more frequently. The firm’s delivery van now visits the village every Friday after it has made its wholesale deliveries, setting up shop for an hour.

"There is no shop in Stedham after the post office closed down and many elderly people who live there find it hard to get to neighbouring towns to do their shopping," said Spinning Wheel owner Mark Hubbard. "It started as an experiment, but has become really popular, with takings of between £60-£100 in an hour. The van wouldn’t normally be used for anything in the afternoons. We’re thinking of extending the idea to other villages on other days."