A new suet manufacturer has set up in direct competition to industry giant Premier Foods.

Prima Foods UK is producing up to 30 tonnes of suet a week for bakers, food manufacturers and wholesalers. It also supplies multiples such as Tesco, Morrisons and The Co-operative Group, and small independent retailers.

"We opened last year, but have been up and running since January," said MD Peter Rice. "We aim to offer an alternative to existing products we’re a small business that looks after people at the right price."

Rice said the company had the capacity to produce 50 tonnes of suet a week. Products include: a non-hydrogenated vegetable suet with sunflower and wheat flour; a non-hydrogenated vegetable suet with rape seed and wheat flour; beef suet; and suet blends, including chickpea flour. New products include mixes such as herb and sweet dumplings.

Bakers buy suet to make dumplings, suet puddings and desserts, said Rice. "With the recession, people are returning to more home cooking and traditional, comfort food that’s filling and suet fits the bill. We are price-competitive and can offer small amounts to craft bakers."