A new variety of red wheat is being grown in the UK that yields 30% more than its predecessor.

‘Barlow’ is being grown this year for RHM and one other miller. It produces 30% more than the variety AC Barrie, said seed supplier Premium Crops.

The North American variety is a bearded wheat and has a slightly lower protein content than AC Barrie, said Premium Crops group director Andrew Probert, but the baking characteristics were very similar, he added.

Probert predicted Barlow could replace AC Barrie as the red wheat of choice in the UK. “We will have to wait about three months to see when all the baking trials are back. AC Barrie is bomb-proof – it is very consistent.

“It has been through lots of different types of harvest and it is reliable and good quality. But yes, if it performs well, Barlow could potentially oust AC Barrie as the major red wheat variety grown in the UK.”