The Organic Trade Board (OTB) has made its first senior appointment as part of its plan to double the value of organic trade over the next five years.

Finn Cottle, previously of Sainsbury’s, Somerfield and the Noble Foods Group, joined the board on 1 June.

Her role will be as a consultant to the OTB, and will include establishing the current status of organic businesses throughout the UK, and working with them to “knock down those barriers that are hampering growth”.

“These challenging times are ripe for organic businesses to take advantage of opportunities to re-define themselves, reach out and build relationships with the public,” said Cottle. “I am looking forward to establishing the base for the OTB in developing the businesses of our members.”

The OTB is a not-for-profit organisation co-ordinated by business leaders from across the UK’s organic industry to develop, promote and support organic trade in the UK.

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