Welsh plant baker Brace’s says police are baffled after three of its £50,000 lorries were set on fire on December 27.

The lorries were among 10 vehicles parked in its isolated depot in Capel Hendre when the attack occurred at 11.30pm. They were set alight separately, with the arsonists smashing windows and setting fire to the cabin seats. A security guard at the site raised the alarm when the first lorry exploded.

Marketing director Scott Richardson said the incident came as a huge shock to the family business, which has never been attacked before. He commented: "Thankfully no-one was hurt. We have no idea who did this. Whoever did it must have a good understanding of our processes, to know that the lorries would be parked there at that time, as it is a very isolated site."

There was nothing on the records to indicate that any Brace’s staff were disgruntled and staff turnover was very low, he added.

Brace’s is using extra hire lorries for deliveries and there was no disruption to service. Police are continuing to investigate.