The Ultimate Plum Pudding Company has won a major contract to supply Christmas puddings to Fortnum & Mason for 2013.

The Kendal firm saw its puds go on sale on 7 September at the high-end department store.

Bernice Humphreys, company director at Ultimate, said: “The Fortnums buying team tried puddings from lots of different pudding makers before they contacted us.

“We have been working closely with the buying team to make their King George and St James pudding recipes taste even better than they have before.”

The Ultimate Plum Pudding Company was founded by Carole Taylor and Bernice Humphreys 27 years ago, and makes Christmas puddings for other prestigious customers as well as for hundreds of fundraisers.

“Fortnums has also asked us to develop a very special limited-edition Christmas pudding for them this year, using some very special ingredients. We have only made 1,000,” added Humphreys.

“We are expanding on last year’s Fortnums’ success story – a range of specially designed, super-luxury, sponge puddings. Sales of these exceeded all expectations last year and we are currently working on a large order of them, which Fortnums are sending out to the iconic David Jones store in Sydney.”

The firm said the deal had secured the jobs of the existing workforce, with new employees also taken on to cope with production demands.