GreenPalm experience a record trade of sustainable palm oil certificates last month, while the record for palm kernel oil (PKO) certificates was broken in October.

GreenPalm allows manufacturers to offset their palm oil, PKO and palm kernel expeller (PKE) use by buying GreenPalm certificates representing an equivalent volume that has been produced in line with Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) principles and criteria.

During October, 416,852 certificates, worth $4.4m (£2.69m), were sold on GreenPalm’s trading system, of which a record 125,781 were PKO certificates. In November, 717,431 certificates, worth $3.2m (£1.96m), were traded, of which a record 667,982 were for palm oil.

Bob Norman of GreenPalm said: “This month has seen unprecedented levels of trading, particularly in PKO certificates. Our figures to date illustrate the fact that manufacturers and retailers are taking palm sustainability seriously and are keen to support growers directly.

“GreenPalm not only plays an important role in protecting rainforests, but also supports growers including smallholders who, without this trading platform, would find it difficult to access global buyers committed to sustainability.”

Membership currently stands at more than 750 registered manufacturers, retailers and certified growers.