Pine nuts:

Although we are faced by the prospect of a far better supply of raw material from an improved Chinese, Russian and South Korean supply base this new season, the lower pricing has clearly triggered some higher and increased levels of industry and consumer demand which have lifted prices some 10-15% off the lows of September-October 2011. UK and European prices have also suffered further as a result of the weaker sterling and euro versus the US dollar of late, and also from the fact that, in expectation of weaker prices, the volumes of surplus uncommitted spot stocks have been low.


Prices are currently increasing for a number of reasons: in response to the weaker currency (for the UK and Europe); a measure of the increasing application of this seed as well as the more attractive pricing enjoyed over the past six months; and in comparison with the sky-high and comparatively high pricing endured over the previous two to three seasons. Even with prices lower than the previous seasons’ highs, today’s prices are as much as 60-70% lower than the historical average for this product.


The price of this seed has also continued to rise, reflecting both the strong dollar and the big increase in worldwide interest and application.

l Based on information provided by RM Curtis