By signing up for National Doughnut Week, which starts on 5 May, craft bakers can help raise money for The Children’s Trust. This money will help change the lives of youngsters all over the UK with multiple disabilities.

"Michelle is one of the many children who have benefited from the money raised from National Doughnut Week", said Joanne Toner, corporate fundraiser at The Children’s Trust. "She was born with brain damage and with severely impaired eyesight. Because of her condition, her world can be very frightening and, understandably, she can become anxious and upset in unfamiliar situations."

"Michelle was becoming closed off from anything new and I worried she would lock herself into her own world, stopping her from enjoying life", her mother Debbie said. "What she needed was special help so that she could begin enjoying the learning and fun most children take for granted."

"It was at St Margaret’s that we were able to unlock Michelle’s world," said Toner. "St Margaret’s is an on-site residential school where we provide a stimulating and comforting environment for children with profound and multiple learning difficulties and complex health needs.

"In class, Michelle benefits from a curriculum tailored specifically to her needs. Teachers and therapists encourage her to use her voice, facial expressions and body movements to express herself. Her new-found skills have helped her understand the idea of ’cause and effect’ for the first time. As a result, she understands that her actions give her control - for example, to use a switch to start music or turn lights on. The skills she has developed in school have now enabled her to cope with new experiences and to have fun with her schoolmates on trips out."

So why not help make this year’s National Doughnut Week (5-12 May) the best yet? To get on board, visit www.

Alternatively, contact Christopher Freeman at Dunns Bakery on 020 8340 1614 or e-mail