Yorkshire family firm Thomas the Baker claims to have captured the secret of the perfect mince pie.

In a recent independent taste test on mince pies, Thomas’s were voted the best in competition against food giants Asda, Marks & Spencer, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s and Tesco.

“This is the 10th time our mince pies have won in an independent taste test,” said Simon Thomas, director, “and although the supermarkets have the lion’s share of nationwide mince pie sales, we think this has finally proved that we are more than a match for them, in terms of freshness and taste.”

A team of 10 tasters, in the catering department of York College, were the latest judges to test Thomas the Baker and five other national brands. Mince pies, from unmarked boxes, were tasted for flavour, filling, freshness, fruit and pastry.

With a score of 362 points, Thomas’s had a lead over its nearest rivals Morrisons (314 points) and Tesco (306 points).

These were followed by Asda (303 points), Marks & Spencer (300 points) and Sainsbury’s (274 points).