A survey from car company Vauxhall suggests that British drivers are disappointed with food-to-go on offer in service stations, with 80% saying it was unhealthy and 70% believing it was poor quality.

The company has signed up British food writer, Thomasina Miers, winner of BBC TV’s 2005 MasterChef, to devise ’Food on the Move!’ recipes, which include chocolate baguettes and ham sarnies with a twist. She is suggesting ways for consumers to replace their quick fix of chocolate bars and sugary drinks with more healthy alternatives.

Recipes include smokey paprika wholemeal pitta bread crisps, dark chocolate baguettes and flatbread wraps with ham, mustard and lettuce, extra mature cheddar and Marmite or chicken and avocado.

Simon Ewart of Vauxhall said: "Fueling your mind and body while on a long road trip is just as important as fueling your car."