The Village Bakery, Melmerby, has launched a ‘Try Rye’ challenge, to try and encourage consumers to give its rye bread a go.

It will be targeting consumers with the angle that switching to its rye bread can help you lose inches from your waistline, while feeling more energetic, due to the additional fibre.

The trial two-week diet has been specially developed by nutritionist Doctor Sarah Brewer, alongside rye bread experts at the bakery.

The ‘Try Rye’ challenge highlights how making simple changes to daily eating habits, and swapping foods rather than cutting them out completely, can help people to feel great and change your shape, enabling them to enjoy bread daily without a guilty conscience.

Dr Sarah Brewer said: “Eating rye bread helps to increase satiety – feelings of fullness – to suppress hunger and the desire to eat. Including rye bread in your breakfast will help to reduce your appetite before lunch and this effect will continue into the afternoon, helping to curb mid-morning and mid-afternoon cravings, so you eat less overall.”