A Hampshire-based charity has opened a new bakery, which offers adults with learning difficulties meaningful work.

The Lantern Bakery, part of the Lantern Community, opened in Ringwood at the beginning of September and is staffed by residents who live as part of a community in seven houses on-site.

The bakery, which also includes a shop and café, is headed up by Ashley Black and is a member of the Real Bread Campaign.

Using traditional handcrafted methods and natural organic ingredients, the bakery makes a wide range of bread and rolls, as well as pastries, biscuits and wheat- and dairy-free products.

Lantern Community spokesperson Emma Borbely-Bartis said: “In the Lantern Bakery there is the opportunity for the residents to experience the process of creating ‘our daily bread’ from the beginning to the end, as well as the development of a work ethos where everyone takes pride in what they have created.”