Chicago Town Gorillas delivery

Source: Chicago Town

Chicago Town is teaming up with grocery delivery service Gorillas, claiming it can offer pizzas faster and cheaper than a high street takeaway.

The Dr Oetker-owned brand says Londoners can order one of its pizzas, and have it delivered by Gorillas and cooked in 30 minutes, which it claims is 20 minutes less than it takes a typical high street takeaway to arrive.

Kicking off ahead of the World Cup, the partnership launches this Friday, with Chicago Town Takeaway pizzas available from Gorillas’ 36 warehouses across Greater London. The two businesses are hoping to capitalise on the ‘Big Night In’ occasions set rise during the international tournament.

Home delivery is a growing channel for some baked goods suppliers, with Birds Bakery recently announcing the expansion of its tie-up with Just Eat.

Citing data from market research agency Kantar, Chicago Town said the number of Brits ordering takeaway pizza had fallen 3.8% year-on-year due to consumers making cutbacks, while shop-bought pizza was up 2.8%.

Chicago Town’s own research showed 58% of British consumers spend £20 or more on a single takeaway pizza, which is almost four times the price a Chicago Town medium takeaway pizza via Gorillas.

“Pizza is all about getting together, whether it’s a midweek treat with the family, or with friends over a game of football,” said Chicago Town marketing manager Rachel Bradshaw.

Chicago Town will be promoting the partnership through geo-targeted social media campaigns, with organic and paid content appearing on the Instagram feeds of London residents. Gorillas users will also be offered exclusive discounts on the app.

Chicago Town recently announced the launch of seven new products, six pizzas and a garlic bread. Two of the new products have been inspired by tavern-style pizzas – thin pizzas that are topped to the edge and are traditionally served in bars.