Biscuit and cake manufacturer Pladis, and owner of brands including McVitie’s, Jacob’s and Carr’s, is set to expand internationally.

Pladis, a division of Yildiz Holding and the world’s second-biggest maker of biscuits behind Mondelēz, has revealed its expansion plans.

The company wants to double its chocolate sales and increase biscuit sales by 50% globally. It also wants to make revenues of £3.2bn in the next two years.

Pladis said in a statement it was confident that brands “synonymous with British heritage” would sell in markets from Lagos to Los Angeles.

It added that its initial focus, backed by heavy investment, would be on markets where it already has a foothold, notably America, the Middle East and parts of Africa.

McVitie’s is already a “much-loved brand” in Nigeria, where sales are growing strongly, the company said.