A Scottish bakery has opened its first shop, after previously running a home bakery from the south of Glasgow.

The business, named bakery47, has now opened a shop serving hot drinks, cakes and bread.

Husband and wife duo Sam and Anna Luntley opened the premises after two-and-a-half years of running a wholesale business from home,

With the new bakery in early days, it is currently opening on an ad-hoc basis, and will be looking for more employees to help the business run from the new premises.

It said it would also look to run workshops in the new café space, along with sourdough pizza nights and function evenings.

Sam Luntley said: “We have a really loyal customer base, which has been built up over these past two-and-a-half years - it’s always been just us two and we started selling things door to door, so people know us.”

The bakery supplies to 11 coffee shops throughout Glasgow, and makes a range of breads, croissants, pastries - all made by hand. 

In a statement on Facebook, the bakery ownerssaid: “We were amazed and overwhelmed by the number of folk who turned up to buy our bakes, enjoy our space and sip our huge mugs of tea.”