Since British Baker launched the #WeLoveBread campaign our social media pages have been swamped by retweets and support.

It seems the title of the campaign is accurate and the public really does love bread. It also has a fondness for some of the bread television adverts of the past.

Here we look at some of the finest:

1) Hovis ‘Bike’ advert 1973

The iconic advert, as most know, was directed by Alien director Ridley Scott and features the bread delivery boy. Stirring Dvorak plays out to the narrator saying: “There’s wheat germ in that loaf. Get it inside you boy.”

2) Warburtons’ burnt bread

Warburtons may be about to use action star Sylvester Stallone in a new round of television advertising – but this offer used classical music (Samuel Barber’s Adagio for Strings) to stir the heart as the bakers’ lament a burnt loaf.

3) Hovis’ history advert

In recent years Hovis has attempted to retap that nostalgia it mined so thoroughly with the boy on the bike campaign. This advert looked at Hovis through the ages – again using a little boy.

4) Allinson’s ‘Bread wi’ Nowt Taken Out’

Another multi-award-winning bread advert that played on the heritage of the brand. This animated advert included the famous line: bread wi’ nowt taken out.

5 Genius Bread Einstein

Even the growing gluten-free market has achieved success via this memorable Einstein advert

How can you support the #WeLoveBread campaign? It is simple: simply use the hash tag on Twitter or Facebook to share your support. We want you, the industry, to show the world your loaves – whether they are plant-baked or artisanal.