Brook Food has introduced the Reach Food Systems Ultrasonic Cake Cutter to the UK bakery market.

The Reach Food System model is the first to offer Ultrasonic technology to producers of full size British 18” x 30” bakers trays, and can cut down the entire length of the tray with its 760mm blade.

As well as cutting the width of the tray, the cutter will cut the length of a full tray as well. It is powered by intuitive colour touch screen controls that are simple to use by unskilled staff and allow for programming of rectangular and square products of any size within the maximum 460 x 760mm tray, with automatic trim calculations.

The cutter will also slice round cakes, gateauxs, tarts etc. across the full diameter, again up to a maximum width of 460mm.

The new cutter was launched at the IBA trade show in Munich last month and saw huge interest, with five being ordered during the exhibition period for the European market, according to Brook Food.

Ultrasonic systems have been available for a number of years, allowing cuts of difficult and sticky products that are ambient, chilled or frozen without residue remaining on the blade or being dragged through the product.