Invicta MD Martin Brown (right) demonstrates the new Z-frame racks to CBA President Neil Woods at the Yorkshire factory.

Source: Invicta

Invicta MD Martin Brown (right) demonstrates the new Z-frame racks to CBA president Neil Woods

Invicta Bakeware has launched new Z-frame bakery racks, specifically designed to save space by nesting inside each other when not in use.

Made from durable 304-grade stainless steel, the racks provide an ideal solution for bakery and food production areas with limited available floor area. For example, 10 racks occupy a space of only two metres by one metre when stored away (see image).

Ten Invicta space saving Z-racks stacked inside each other.

Source: Invicta

Z-racks are able to be stacked inside each other when not in use, saving considerable space.

The standard Z-frame racks are produced in 25mm box section with a square construction frame. They are fitted with two 25mm turned-down, anti-chafe angle runners to accommodate standard 762mm x 457mm or 600mm x 400mm baking trays. The long edges are dressed for safety and come complete with four 100mm diameter nylon swivel castors for easy handling around the bakery. The racks can also be tailored to suit specified tray size and capacity, Invicta said.

“Over the years, our extensive range of stainless steel racks has earned a reputation for strength and durability and has always been very popular with customers who include some of the biggest names in the industry,” said Invicta managing director Martin Brown.

“However, we also supply to individual craft bakers and start-ups who are often operating out of very small premises where space is an issue. We trialled them with a number of key customers to perfect the design and the racks are now ready for a wider roll-out within the industry,” added Brown.

Craft Bakers Association president Neil Woods was shown the Z-frame racks during a recent visit to Invicta’s Pickering-based factory in North Yorkshire.

“These racks are a really great idea and I am sure will be very popular amongst the smaller bakers or those just wanting to be space-efficient,” he said.

“Invicta has served bakers for over a century and has always adapted to meet the changing needs of the industry whilst maintaining its strong commitment to excellent customer service and superior product quality.

“It is wonderful to see a British manufacturing firm at the top of its game and I am very impressed by the way it blends modern techniques and innovation with the skills and know-how of a great manufacturing heritage,” added Woods.

The Z-frame racks are on display at Invicta’s stand at Foodex together with a selection of the company’s best-selling industrial bakeware lines and other innovative new products. These include the unique patented tray-locked cup trays, custom-built tables, oven and bakery racks, dollies, baking trays, bread pans, and tins. Plastic products include ingredient dispensers and containers, tapered containers with ring dolly and plastic dollies to suit bakers’ trays.