J2 Retail Systems has developed a new point-of-sales machine, designed with speed in mind.

The international manufacturer of PC-based touchscreen hardware has launched its J2 680 system, incorporating the firm’s EPoS touchscreen, which can be counter-, pole- or wall-mounted. It is available in dual and quad core variants of the latest Intel Sandy Bridge processor all with Intel’s new turbo boost speeds and benefits from Intel’s vPro option, allowing for easy accessibility and serviceability. Moray Boyd, managing director of J2 Retail Systems, said: "It comes with a choice of 12 new chipsets, and its new quad core processors deliver the speed and strength needed by retailers and other industry users to process enormous product databases.

"Combining phenomenal processing power, a multitude of I/O connectivity and remote manageability, the new J2 680 redefines what retailers can expect from a POS terminal."

J2’s newest system can be configured to operate as stand-alone or centrally-controlled, and is equipped with the company’s Health Monitoring system, which can predict hardware failures before they occur.