Ministry of Pudding has spent around £500,000 on new equipment, ahead of fresh product releases later in the year.

The Torquay-based sister company to Ministry of Cake has invested in a complete range of new bakery equipment, including mixers, cutters and slicers, which will expand its production capabilities. An extra 25 staff have also been hired to work at the plant.

The new products include several lines for foodservice chains and new own-label offerings, due to be announced and launched in late April-May.

Chris Ormrod, managing director of Ministry of Pudding, said of the investment: “It was initially demanded by customer request. A lot of our customers say ‘If you could you could do this, with a bit of that’.”

performing well

Ormrod added that both Ministry of Cake and Ministry of Pudding are performing well financially, with overall sales currently showing a 10% increase year-on-year, and that several new products were imminently launching with various clients, including a chocolate fudge cake.

He added: “We’re starting to see more of our products going into Europe and even beyond.”

He said that with clients now including the United Arab Emirates and South Africa, he could see up to a quarter of his sales coming from foreign clients in two years’ time.

Chris Ormrod recently spoke to ITV about immigration ahead of the Brexit referendum.