Scotland-based bakery supplier Macphie received a visit by Business Minister Jamie Hepburn on Friday 21 February.

Hepburn was joined by Mairi Gougeon, local MSP and minister of rural affairs and the natural environment, at the food manufacturer’s Glenbervie headquarters.

The visit was part of Hepburn’s trip to the north east of Scotland, to find out about the food manufacturer’s economic and environmental aspirations.

“As a food manufacturer, Macphie welcomes the Scottish Government’s acknowledgement that manufacturing is a key contributor to the country’s inclusive economic growth ambitions,” said Alastair Macphie, chairman at Macphie.

“We are constantly looking to advance our research, develop new products, improve productivity and upskill our significant investment in developing plant-based products,” he added.

Gougeon was also interested in Macphie’s ongoing work in preserving its natural environment.

“Using food technology to develop more sustainable products will help reduce the pressure on the world’s natural resources and is an integral part of the company’s ethos.”

Macphie is a member of B Corporation, a global community of businesses committed to hitting social, environmental and financial goals.

“Macphie is committed to acting as a force for good in the business world. We were the first company in the UK to use an industrial biomass plant to generate power and produce food,” said Alastair Macphie.

B Corporation members have pledged to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2030, but Alastair Macphie said he hoped his company would reach the target several years earlier.

“At the moment, all the electricity used on our Glenbervie site is sourced from renewable sources – the majority from our on-site wind turbines – and the company is continuously working to improve its environmental sustainability.”