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It’s a battle of the rye breads in the Speciality Bread Product of the Year at the 2023 Baking Industry Awards.

Judges for the category, which is sponsored by Bako, sliced, sniffed, and munched their way through many delicious loaves to find the top three.

Here’s which ones were named as finalists:

Ole & Steen Chia Rye loaf

Source: Ole & Steen

Chia Rye, Ole & Steen

Danish Bakery Ole & Steen is bringing the ‘true essence of Denmark’ to the streets of London through its Rugbrød. One example of this is the Chia Rye. It’s produced over three days using sourdough, light and dark malt, and two types of rye flour to create a loaf that has a strong malt flavour, crisp crust and compact but soft crumb.

The judges described the loaf as moreish with a great structure and great taste. It had an excellent distribution of chia and sunflower seeds throughout.


Lovingly Artisan Danish Rugbrod

Source: Lovingly Artisan

Danish Rugbrød, Lovingly Artisan

This seed-covered loaf is full of character. It is one of Lovingly Artisan’s bestsellers and is made by the Cumbrian bakery over three days using a secret blend of Gilchester Organics grain, rye berries, golden and brown linseeds, sunflower seeds, and millet. The Danish Rugbrød was developed as part of Lovingly Artisan’s mission to deliver tasty, nourishing, natural breads that have true provenance and integrity.

It is said to be an “incredibly healthy bread” with a slightly sour undertone and nutty, moist texture. This was appreciated by the judges who said the “lovely little loaf” was “healthy and delicious”.


The Yorkshire Loaf rye and ruby beer bread

Source: British Baker

Red Rye & Ruby Malted Beer Sourdough, The Yorkshire Loaf

This 100% dark rye sourdough tin loaf is made with ruby beer and a red rye grain blend, as well as sunflower and pumpkin seeds. The ‘complex caramel and dried fruit flavours’ are imparted through the malted grains and ruby beer. The grains are soaked in the ale prior to mixing which not only softens them but also helps impart the flavour of the beer throughout the loaf.

This was praised by the judges, who were amazed by how strongly the taste of the ale came through in the loaf, and how well it was balanced with the red rye grain blend.

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