Bakery ingredients supplier CSM Bakery Solutions has launched an Oreo doughnut.

The doughnut, which launched in supermarkets this autumn, features cocoa dough, vanilla cream filling, with white icing and Oreo cookie crumble on top. CSM said it’s “the perfect indulgent treat for consumers to enjoy across a number of occasions.”

It added in a statement: “Using a well-known brand in bakery products is a perfect union to attract the attention of customers and give added value to popular products. Oreo is an iconic brand, identifying strongly with young families and is the world’s number one and fastest growing biscuit brand.”

The ring doughnut market is growing 6% year-on-year according to the company. It added: “Doughnuts appeal to a broad audience. They can be eaten throughout the whole day, giving huge opportunities for sales.”

CSM’s consumer research for the Oreo Doughnut showed 94% rated the product good or above, with 81% intending to purchase. The doughnut is available in 4 x 12 trays and is a thaw & serve product.

Lisa Boswell, trade marketing manager at CSM, said: “We’re extremely excited to launch our Oreo Doughnut. The brand is a favourite with consumers and we expect the product to be a real hit.  It will help drive sales as consumers are attracted not only to the brand name but the high quality product as well.”

In August CSM launched its first Genoese cake mix.