Pret A Manger is asking customers to decide which Eat product should be added to its menu.

The promotion follow’s Pret’s acquisition of Eat in May this year, when the business announced plans to turn many Eat sites in Veggie Prets.

Consumers will be able to vote for one of three Eat products on Pret’s Instagram page: Chicken Pot Pie, Firecracker Chicken Toasted Flatbread and Humous & Falafel Mezze Salad.

Once customers have voted, Eat and Pret will work together on the final recipe, which will be available in Pret shops in early 2020.

“We know Eat customers will miss the food that they’ve enjoyed over the years, so we want to offer one of their favourite products on Pret’s menu,” said Guy Meakin, UK food & coffee director at Pret.

Eat’s Chicken Pot Pie is described as a soup of creamy chicken and vegetables, with a puff pastry lid.

The Firecracker Chicken Toasted Flatbread is made up of a khobez wrap with spicy chicken breast, red and yellow peppers, chopped jalapenos and a crème fraiche and red pepper tapenade.

The Humous & Falafel Mezze Salad contains tabbouleh topped with chunky humous, carrot and coriander falafels, harissa spiced chickpeas and a crunchy slaw.