High street bakery giant Greggs released its impressive first half results today. It was even hailed by Hollywood star Jake Gyllenhaal last week – can the company do no wrong?

The bakery has praised booming demand for breakfast and healthier options for bolstering its sales, but what are the bestsellers?

Unsurprisingly, it seems Greggs’ loyal customer base is still akin to a humble Sausage Roll, praised as its number one best-selling product.   

Also on the best sellers list is the Balanced Choice Chargrill Chicken Oval Bite. At under 400 calories it is part of the healthier choices which is bringing in customers.

Next up, the Breakfast Roll available with sausage, bacon or omelette. Greggs has nailed the most important meal of the day for busy commuters.

Coffee. The fuel of Britain (next to tea...) Greggs said coffee was a best seller at its stores. It launched a ‘new and improved’ fair trade coffee blend last year, made with Arabica beans and Robusta beans.

Finally, where would a bakery be without a Jam Doughnut? It seems the product is an oldie but a goodie.