Ginsters steak and guinness slice

Source: Ginsters

Pukka and Ginsters have collaborated with alcohol brands to create tipple-infused savouries.

But they’re not the only bakery brands getting into the spirit ahead of the summer.

A host of bakery NPD from snacks to biscuits has hit shelves in a bid to perk up picnic baskets.

We select some of the hot picks below.


Pukka sausage leek and cider pie

Source: Pukka

Sausage, Leek & Cider Pie – Pukka

Hot pie brand Pukka has partnered with Westons Cider to create a limited-edition Sausage, Leek & Cider pie.

Available now, the savoury snack is made with 144 layers of puff pastry, slices of pork sausage, diced leeks and apples and golden Stowford Press Cider gravy. The pie, which is on sale in Morrisons (rsp: £1.89/213g) is being sold in a summer-themed box illustrated with bunting and a pint of cider. The move follows a successful collaboration between Pukka and Marston’s last year.

“Since adding Pedigree into our Steak & Ale recipe last year, retail sales have increased by 32% and we expect our tasty Sausage, Leek & Cider pie to be just as successful,” Rachel Cranston, head of marketing and innovation at Pukka, said. “We’re particularly confident because in our independently commissioned consumer research into how shoppers feel about certain flavour profiles, Sausage, Leek & Cider performed strongly – especially with our younger pie fans.”


Ginsters steak and guinness slice

Source: Ginsters

Smoky Steak & Guinness Slice – Ginsters

Ginsters has also collaborated with an alcohol giant to pep up its savoury slices. The pasty maker has joined forces with Guinness to launch a Ginsters Smoky Steak & Guinness Slice.

Developed by the brand’s Cornish-born head chef Chris Eden, the recipe contains 100% British farmed beef with potato, carrot, onion, swede, leek, chestnut mushrooms, black treacle, garlic and a measure of Guinness. The filling is said to be brought together with a rich smoked salt infused gravy and wrapped in Ginsters’ hallmark 80-layer puff pastry. The slice is available nationwide (rsp: £1.80).

“We’re all looking for more excitement at the moment and lunch has become even more important in our day,” said Sam Mitchell, Ginsters’ managing director. “We know consumers are up for trying new things and looking for recipes with a difference. It’s our job to keep the category fresh and bring flavour-driven innovations to the aisle for shoppers.”


Chunk Vegan ploughman's pasty

Source: Chunk of Devon

Vegan Ploughman’s Pasty – Chunk of Devon

Chunk of Devon is launching a Vegan Ploughman’s Pasty later this month.

The savoury item is encased in a fake bacon, vegan cheese, apple and Branston’s pickle and said to “pack the same punch” as the bakery’s shortcrust Ploughman’s Pasty, which is also making a return this summer.

“With the picnic season upon us and the promise of a staycation summer ahead, we were inspired to combine two classic English dishes to create our delectable new Ploughman’s Pasty range,” Simon Bryon-Edmund, Chunk of Devon director, said.


Maryland Hazelnutter

Source: Burton’s Biscuit Co

Hazelnutter – Burton’s Biscuit Co

Burton’s Biscuit Co will be adding a hazelnut variant to its three-strong Maryland Kookie Crew range this month.

The Hazelnutter, which has the strapline ‘Mine All Mine’, is described as a ‘perfect combination of roasted hazelnuts, chocolate dough and loads of chocolate chips’. The NPD joins the existing It’s Mint To Be and Jaffanator flavours.

The new cookies will launch in Asda on March 24 and Tesco on April 22.

“Packed with personality, the Kookie Crew range celebrates the fact that Maryland is synonymous with kookiness, different to any other biscuit and providing consumers with an opportunity to enjoy imaginative new flavour and texture combinations,” said Kate Needham, Burton’s Biscuit Co’s marketing director.


Pep and Lekker cinnamon and apple seed snacks

Source: Pep & Lekker

Seed Snacks – Pep & Lekker

Pep & Lekker’s five-strong Seed Snacks range has undergone a recipe revamp.

The products, which sit between a cracker and savoury biscuit, have a ‘crunchier format’ and now contain olive oil instead of sunflower oil, as well as fewer chia seeds. Date syrup has also been added to two of the sweet offerings.

The products are available in five flavours: Rosemary & Hemp Seed, Cumin & Linseed, Fennel & Chia Seed, Apple & Cinnamon and Cacao & Coconut (rsp: £1.90).

“During Lockdown we were fortunate enough to procure honest, meaningful feedback from a handful of ‘leading light’ retailers impatient for us to take the next big step,” co-founder Susan Gafsen said. “The broad consensus was that whilst our gluten-free treats showcased seeds in a bold, versatile snacking light, our well-intentioned quest to tick every imaginable wellbeing tick box had unwittingly dented our mainstream appeal.”