Average salt intake in the England is falling, according the latest Department of Health (DoH) Urinary Analysis.

The National Diet and Nutrition Survey - Assessment of Dietary Sodium report, found that levels for adults, aged 19-64 years old, stood at 8.1g in 2011, down from 9.5g in 2000/2001.

However men’s mean estimated intake was above that of adults overall, at 9.3g per day. Women had a mean average intake of 6.8g per day.

Gordon Polson, director Federation of Bakers said members were pleased to note that the publication of the report showed positive developments, “in that these levels continue to decrease over time”.

“In fact, we’re already right on course to meet our 2012 targets of 0.4g of sodium per 100g.”

The analysis also found that, of the 600 participants, 70% had a daily intake of salt higher than the recommended maximum limit of 6g per day.

The survey was designed to provide data to establish the progress of the DoH’s target to reduce average salt intake to 6g.

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