Bakels has launched a new vegan cake mix available from today (1 March).

An extension of its Multimix range, the new Multimix Vegan Cake Complete is available in a plain flavour with a subtle hint of vanilla, requiring only the addition of water and oil.

Multimix Cake Base was the first Multimix product launched over 10 years ago, promising “adaptable qualities and excellent taste and texture”. Bakels said its new vegan version had been developed to provide the same qualities, but with the added benefit of tapping into the vegan trend.

It added that the versatile nature of the product gave bakers the opportunity to produce a host of vegan recipes.

The range comes as reports from The Vegan Society claimed there were over 600,000 vegans in the UK last year, with 42% of those making the change in 2018 and the number continuing to grow.

Bakels said this growth suggested veganism was a trend here to stay, adding that it believed those adopting a vegan diet shouldn’t have to compromise on the quality of food available to them.

A number of other ingredients manufacturers have also rolled out vegan cake mixes for bakers, Macphie unveiled its version in chocolate and plain flavours for World Vegan Day last year, while in January Puratos launched the first two mixes in its new vegan range.