A phone, tablet and laptop with the British Baker website on them

Source: Getty Images

At British Baker our content is our product, our customers are our readers, and, like most businesses, we aim to provide our product in a format that our customers want. That’s why we are wholeheartedly embracing digital and will be saying goodbye to the print magazine come October.

The last decade has probably seen more change in media habits and our readers’ businesses than any post war. The last three years arguably more so, with all of us turning to digital devices for information more regularly and having to adapt our businesses to new digital channels to satisfy customer needs and communicate with our teams.

British Baker is no exception. Our website traffic has grown exponentially in recent years. We are seeing more of our readers turn to online so we have decided to focus all our resources into making the best digital channels we can.

We will continue to be celebrate the people, products, and businesses at the heart of the baking industry. In fact, the change will mean more bakery news and more features more regularly. A great, recent example of this is our Bakery Market Report, published in April and already downloaded by more people throughout the entire previous year in just one month.

The last print edition of British Baker will be in September. From then, we will be adding more focus to our already digital-heavy strategy. In November you will see a reimagined trends report, in January we will be holding a new bakery event and in October we will once again celebrate your successes at the industry-leading Baking Industry Awards. We have lots of exciting plans and we can’t wait to take you on the journey with us.