Almonds: May’s ’subjective’ estimate has been announced as 794,000mts, which, if correct, would be another successive record crop. However, there is still some way to go before the start of the harvest from August. At present, almonds remain the cheapest nut, after peanuts.

Walnuts: Despite the firmer sterling/dollar exchange rate, even firmer prices in all origins have prevented weakening, with any new crops still a long way off.

Pecans: These are facing a similar situation to that of walnuts. After a short crop coincided with huge demand, prices were squeezed higher. In the UK, with ’halves’ now at £10/kg and ’pieces’ not far behind, we are enduring pecan prices at levels almost double their historical average, and with six to seven months before we can expect to see any respite from the first arrival of US/Mexican new crop.

Pistachios: Prices overall have remained at high levels, despite the fact there are growing volumes emerging from other sources than Iran. We would hope to see some price correction by September/October.

Hazelnuts: Prices have remained firm, with the only benefit for the UK arising from the more positive sterling/US dollar exchange rate.

Brazils: Prices have remained extremely firm since the last report, a trend which looks set to continue in the short- to medium term.

l Based on information provided by RM Curtis