New gluten-free pie from Pieminister

Pieminister has extended its gluten-free line-up with The Gluten Free Ranger made with free-range British chicken and ham with leeks & thyme.

The third gluten-free pie in its range, the Gluten Free Ranger joins Pieminister’s Gluten Free Moo & Heidi pies.

All three gluten-free pies are available nationwide and can be bought to cook at home from selected Waitrose branches and online through Ocado (from mid-January). 

They also feature as part of a gluten-free menu at Pieminister restaurants nationwide. All three of Pieminister’s gluten-free pies have been certified as gluten-free by Coeliac UK.

Pieminister’s gluten-free pies are made in a small gluten-free-specific kitchen in Bristol. The gluten-free pies are cooked separately and kept apart from the company’s classic pies at all times to prevent cross-contamination. 

In addition, to prevent product mix-up, the gluten-free pies are crimped differently to their counterparts containing gluten to make them easy to distinguish. 

Tristan Hogg, Pieminister co-founder and MD, said: “Our famous Free Ranger Classic is the most popular chicken pie we make, so we want those eating a gluten-free diet to finally get to enjoy this great-tasting free-range British chicken pie too.”

“Our gluten-free pastry has the same golden, buttery lightness as our regular shortcrust recipe.”

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