Coopland & Son, the craft bakery chain, has entered seven of its apprentices into competitions at the upcoming student bakery conference.

The team, including four level three students and two level two students, will be competing in a clutch of competitions at the Alliance for Bakery Students & Trainees’ (ABST) [] event which is held at Alton Towers in Staffordshire from 20 - 22 June.

The Coopland trainees will enter The Bakery Trainee Challenge Trophy, The President’s Cup, Novices, The celebration cupcake challenge, carved novelty cake and the Devon Rose Bowl. The team will also enter the British Society of Baking Trophy, the Warburtons Challenge Trophy, The British Bakels Award, the 3D dough art display and the international young team challenge.

The Coopland trainees competeing are: Catherine Postance, Christine Gibbons, Rebekah Stabler, Michael Denton, Lauren Wood, Jessica Powell and Jennifer Palmer.