Scotmid Co-operative has launched a low-fat Scotch pie across its stores.

Produced by McGhee’s Bakery of Glasgow, its fat content is 40% lower than a normal Scotch pie, and its salt levels are now within the government’s healthy eating guidelines.

Ross Hamilton, sales manager at McGhee’s Bakery, said: “We wanted to create a Scotch pie that was healthier, without compromising on the taste. We trialled the low-fat pie and we were astounded at how well it was received.”

The pie has earned the approval of Scottish Slimmers, whose members taste-tested it during development.

Jennifer Colson, company director of Scottish Slimmers, said: “Scottish Slimmers’ members are always interested in eating healthier versions of their favourite foods and the McGhee’s reduced-fat Scotch pies proved an instant hit with those who tested them.”

Stephen Brown, local sourcing and bakery manager for the Scotmid Co-operative, added: “McGhee’s reduced-fat Scotch pie is a great new product and we are delighted to be launching it in our stores across Scotland. We’ve all been quite surprised at how delicious the pie is and we’re looking forward to finding out what our customers think of it too.”

Each Scotch pie contains 2.3g of saturated fat, 1.2g of salt and has 314 calories. A pack of two pies has a RRP of £1.35.