A Marriage & Sons miller has become one of only 24 people to be awarded the UK Advanced Milling Diploma in the past decade.

Simon White, who joined the business in 1989, has spent 18 months studying and developing his skills to qualify for the diploma.

W & H Marriage & Sons has been milling wheat in Chelmsford since 1824, and continues to use traditional techniques. One of White’s responsibilities includes the highly skilled job of re-sharpening the millstones, which wear over time.

He is the third of Marriage’s staff to have received the Advanced Milling Diploma – it was awarded to mill manager Dr Philip Bunn in 2008 and head miller Andrew Thain in 2011.

“After nearly 30 years of working in the milling industry, I am really proud to have received the Advanced Milling Diploma – it was hard work, but worth it,” said White.

He was presented with the diploma this month by Duncan Monroe, president of milling industry trade body the National Association of British and Irish Flour Millers (nabim).

“Simon’s success helps to ensure that the UK flour milling industry continues to have the skills, knowledge and understanding that we need to provide the consistency and quality that customers demand in our flour, used in an enormous range of delicious foodstuffs,” said Monroe.

Nabim president Duncan Monroe recently wrote for British Baker on the challenges and opportunities facing the milling industry. Click here to read the article.