London cake maker Rosalind Miller has launched a Master Diploma in Cake Baking and Decorating.

The launch follows the opening of the new Rosalind Miller Cake School, and offers students a chance to learn the skills and industry know-how developed throughout Miller’s 20+ years in the design and cake industry.

Students will learn the same commercial methods used by the Rosalind Miller team, and will be taught how to make cakes and sweet treats, including a mix of on-trend and core decorating techniques.

The diploma is broken down into five modules, and students can take as many as they like and in any order. The modules include: The Foundations of Baking & Decorating; Essential Techniques for Wedding Cakes & Favours; The Complete Dessert Table; Floral Wedding Cake; and Design, Business & Photography.

Rosalind Miller said it wanted to share more than just the kitchen side of cake making, so it included a mixture of classes. It added that the ethos was to develop students’ own individual style, so they had “the confidence, craftmanship and knowledge to produce their own stunning and delicious designs”.