Bakery equipment manufacturer Comas has developed an easy-to-clean in-line biscuit sandwich machine.

Supported in the UK and Ireland by Epsom-based European Process Plant, Comas’ Capptronic has been designed so that components such as lateral guides, aligning rollers and dosing manifold can be quickly removed for cleaning. The fully washable frame is covered in stainless steel panels, allowing the machine to be easily cleaned on site.

The Capptronic’s feed conveyor also has a continuous washing system, so that the operator does not need to be involved in washing.

Keith Stalker, EPP’s managing director, said: "Special attention has been paid to making sure the machine is as easy to maintain and clean as possible."

The Capptronic is operated with a user-friendly touchscreen panel, where the operator can set the working parameters, with the ability to produce several types of products. Biscuits are constructed on the Capptronic, once baked, and conveyed to the new capper through an aligner, which lanes and buffers them to ensure the correct spacing. The flipper then turns over every other row of biscuits to prepare them for depositing, with the filling then accurately applied to every other row. Biscuit tops are finally placed on to bottom sections ready for packaging.