Mersyside baking systems manufacturer Spooner Vicars has been acquired by American commercial cooking and processing equipment brand Middleby.

Spooner Vicars, founded in 1849, manufactures a range of equipment and and systems for mixing, baking, cooling, sandwiching and packaging, predominantly for the cookie and cracker industries.

Selim A Bassoul, chairman and chief executive of Texas-based The Middleby Corporation, said: “As part of Middleby, we have the opportunity to showcase the Spooner Vicars products to a broader market by leveraging the strength of the Middleby international sales organisation and our existing relationships with global industrial bakeries.

“We continue to see a growing global demand from our customers to automate their operations, and the Spooner Vicars portfolio provides an innovative solution that complements our existing brands in this platform. This respected brand has a long-standing reputation for industry-leading baking technology solutions.”