Sales at Suffolk-based Two Magpies Bakery have soared following the opening of two more sites over the past year.

The business, which launched in 2013, had a turnover of £720k in 2018, is expecting sales to hit £2.5m by the end of this year.

It expanded beyond its initial Southwold café/bakery site last September by buying a second bakery in Aldeburgh. In April this year it opened a third site in Darsham, which now houses production and a bakery school.

Founder Rebecca Bishop, who runs the business with husband Steve Magnall, said Aldeburgh had rapidly exceeded expectations, becoming the most profitable bakery in the group and serving more than 70 covers a day. Darsham, meanwhile, has a good passing trade and a regular customer base.

“Our three bakeries are allowing us to produce more bakes and serve more customers and in six months we’ve gone from 18 covers in Southwold to over 100 across the three sites,” said Magnall.

“At the new Darsham site we are able to bake more and run our popular cookery school courses, which allows us to concentrate on serving customers and selling more baked goods through our three cafes.”

The Two Magpies product range includes long-fermented breads, hand-laminated pastries and cakes. The business also produces vegan options and hosts pizza nights.