Brioche Pasquier has expanded its range of macarons for the foodservice industry with a six-strong ‘Notes Gourmandes’ collection.

The range, available frozen in boxes of 36, comprises six contemporary flavours – fig, coconut, banana & poppy seed, salted caramel, chocolate orange, and milk chocolate & hazelnut. It supplements Brioche Pasquier’s Classiques range of six traditional flavours including coffee, lemon and raspberry.

Made in France using whole eggs, French butter and natural flavourings, they are aimed at chefs looking to bring “contemporary chic” flavours to their afternoon tea and dessert offerings.

“We expect the new range to be popular with chefs who are looking for the finesse and intensity of French pâtisserie and want to offer flavours with a contemporary edge,” said Jon Turonnet, foodservice sales manager, Brioche Pasquier.

In February, the manufacturer said floral and tropical flavours in macarons were tipped to be the next big thing, particularly the likes of coconut and mango.