Costa Coffee is planning to open more sites under its Espresso store concept.

Following the trial site in St James’, which opened in February this year, further sites are being planned in “busy commuter areas”.

A second Costa Espresso opened in Putney Rail Station, London, in October.

According to Costa, the goal of the Espresso bars “is to complement the current brand offering, allowing customers to enjoy a selected menu of popular Costa beverages and food to take away”.

Costa explained that  the brand’s condensed menu will allow for a focus on speed to cater to busy commuters. Rather than a full coffee shop, the bars “act as a hub” for workers to stop en-route to work.

Drinks options include: cappuccino, latte, Americano and flat white, as well as a full range of Espresso drinks including the Cortado. Hot chocolate and tea are also available.  

In terms of food, a pastry range is currently on offer.