Bakery supplier Dawn Foods has rolled out Christmas ball doughnuts and toppers.

The Chocolate Hazelnut Indulgence Donuts are made with Dawn’s authentic American doughnut mix and can be used as a base for festive treats, suggested the company.

Its frozen, ready-to-thaw, plain Berliner ball doughnut takes advantage of the trend for premium doughnuts, added Dawn, suggesting the doughnut can be paired with Dawn Delifruit fillings.

Dawn also said the doughnut can be combined with its Dawn Compounds flavouring pastes, cream or the new Dip Quik Icing, a topping which can be customised with different flavours and colours.

Hot glazes, icings and buttercream-style frostings can also be used to finish the doughnut.

Dawn has also launched Dobla Chocolate Christmas Santa Belt Toppers, designed to turn plain doughnuts and cookies into Christmas treats.

The toppers are supplied with a hole for use on ring doughnuts or in a circle for cookies and ball doughnuts.

Bakers and caterers can add the decorations straight onto the warm product, which take the shape of the sweet treat. The colours in the decorations are from a natural source, vegetarian and halal-friendly.

Dawn Foods Christmas Santa Toppers