Bakery ingredients producer Dawn Foods is offering Dobla-branded premium Belgian chocolate decorations and toppings to bakers in the UK.

The new partnership with Netherlands-based chocolate additions manufacturer Dobla means Dawn is now able to offer the decorations and toppings to the UK market.

The range includes chocolate curls and shavings in a range of flavours, as well as chocolate cigarillos and detailed chocolate decorations. Dobla products are ready to use to add visual impact to cakes, cream slices, desserts, ice cream and patisserie.

The Dobla range also features seasonal products such as chocolate spider’s webs, pumpkins and ghosts, sprinkle stars in both milk and white chocolate, and a range of designs from holly leaves to chocolate penguins.

There is also a faces assortment, which includes a rabbit, pirate, panda and ladybird. All are available in packs of the same design or assortment boxes of different designs.