Jason's Sourdough protein loaf in packaging

Source: Geary’s Bakeries

Geary’s Bakeries has expanded its Jason’s Sourdough range with a high protein loaf.

The loaf boasts twice as much protein and nearly half the carbs of the brand’s White Ciabattin with the additional protein coming from wheat protein, pea protein, and sunflower seeds.

For comparison, the High Protein Loaf has 10g of protein and 12.9g of carbohydrates per slice compared to the White Ciabattin’s 5g and 23g, respectively. However, the protein loaf slices are slightly thicker as the business felt it was better given the ‘slightly softer textured dough’.

Geary’s said the carbs were naturally reduced by increasing the protein content, adding that the main challenge during the development process was maintaining the ethos of the Jason’s Sourdough range – this includes not using yeast, artificial preservatives, emulsifiers, sugars, or seed oils. The full ingredients list of the new loaf comprises wheat flour, water, wheat protein (gluten), sunflower seeds, pea protein, rye flour, fermented wheat flour, and salt.

“As with everything in our Jason’s Sourdough range, the High Protein Loaf stays true to our philosophy of using our own sourdough mother starter culture, and simple ingredients to deliver a great-tasting loaf that consumers can enjoy every day,” said master baker Jason Geary.

The 580g Jason’s Sourdough High Protein Loaf will be available exclusively in selected Tesco stores nationwide from 15 April with a rsp of £2.50.

“Jason’s Sourdough continues its aim to be more accessible to more people,” Geary added. “The Protein loaf is a natural extension to our range to offer our macro-conscious customers a daily option that packs a nutritional punch, and we hope to see it become a regular feature in stores up and down the country later this year.”

The launch comes off the back of soaring sales for the brand, which has proved to be so successful that Geary’s is investing £8m in a new manufacturing facility in Leicester to support its production.

The range was first launched in early 2020 is now available in nearly 3,000 supermarkets across the UK. Jason’s Sourdough racked up £23.7m in sales over the past year, representing value growth of 132%, according to Kantar data for the 52 weeks ending 21 January 2024.

It now comprises four ciabattin loaves – White, Grains & Seeds, Wholemeal, and Malted Wildfarmed – three sourdough loaves, and white and tiger rolls.