Ditty’s oatcakes has won a listing in Marks & Spencer (M&S), adding to the bakery names to land deals with the retailer since it launched its new British Foods range. 

Ditty’s Smoked Oatcakes will be available in 411 M&S stores this month, as part of the Taste of the British Isles initiative. This includes 19 branded lines from speciality suppliers and more than 300 own-label products.

The products are currently available in Fortumn and Mason and Waitrose in the UK.

M&S head of product development Sandra Zile said: “It’s about time we celebrate our wonderful culinary history, which is why we’ve developed a collection that showcases our country’s unique tastes at their best.”

Other bakery products within the initiative include Ship’s Biscuits from The Pembrokeshire Beach Co, Bara Brith Aberffraw Biscuits from the Abberffraw Biscuit Co and Seaweed Water Biscuits from Stag’s Bakeries.

The launch will fall under the retailer’s Tastes of the British Isles campaign and is set to be the biggest collection of new products outside Christmas.

Among the own-branded products include a Yorkshire Curd Tart, a Parkin, gingerbread cake associated with Yorkshire and Historical dishes like Taffety Tart – a pudding dating back to the 16th century.