Guildford-based equipment supplier Manitowoc Foodservice has announced that it will join forces with Greggs Breakfast Club programme in aid of supporting Walkley Primary School, Sheffield.

Manitowoc Foodservice has funded the Greggs Breakfast Club for Walkley Primary School, to ensure that the school can provide a nutritious, well-balanced and healthy breakfast for each child attending the club.

In conjunction with the funding from Manitowoc Foodservice, the Greggs Breakfast Club Programme will be providing fresh bread from the school’s nearest Greggs shop.

Val Sian, head teacher at Walkley Primary School, is delighted at the support received from Manitowoc Foodservice.

“Walkley Primary School is thrilled to be working in partnership with Manitowoc Foodservice and Greggs Foundation and we are very excited about embracing all of our new ventures together. These will make a huge difference for the children, parents and staff of our school,” she said.

Sheffield is home to the Merrychef manufacturing site - one of Manitowoc Foodservice’s leading brands. The new partnership with the Greggs Breakfast Club Programme and Walkley Primary School also aims to engage families with the company and the school, so that both parents and children feel they have a welcoming, established place within the school.

Earlier this month, Greggs CEO Roger Whiteside suggested that bread was being phased out in its bakeries as consumers turned to supermarkets for their loaves.