A London-based Ghanaian specialist bakery has secured listings for its products in Morrisons.

Four of Uncle John’s Bakery products are set to hit the shelves in 42 Morrisons stores across the nation as of 25 February. The products are:

  • Sweet Bread – Uncle John’s signature product made with sweet spices and a touch of Madagascan vanilla. It has a soft open texture and is traditionally used as a show bread at African weddings, christenings and funerals.
  • Bofrot – A traditional Ghanaian doughnut with sweet spices, often sold as street food.
  • Sponge Cake – Described as a “simple yet delicious” sponge, it is made to a family recipe.
  • Savoury Chin-Chin – Also called Ghanaian chips, chin-chin is a savoury thin biscuit, flavoured with cracked black pepper and often enjoyed as a snack.

“Our products are fairly niche, but the UK in itself is fairly diverse, so we worked with Morrisons to work out where we would put these products in the beginning and grow it from there,” Uncle John’s Bakery director Samuel Mensah told British Baker.

He added that the listings would allow the business to expand in the future. “It will bring awareness with regards to what we do and also gives us the chance to hire more people, create more jobs and scale up the factory. It also shows that, as an ethnic-run business, we are creating partnerships with much bigger brands – we do care about quality, our staff and our factory.”

Prior to getting the listings, the family-run bakery was working to achieve Safe and Local Supplier Approval (SALSA). Mensah said that the process was an “eye-opening journey”, but that it had ultimately made the bakery’s products and processes better.