Gluten-free bakery, No.G, has scooped the top prize for top free-from food product.

The Top Launch of 2014 in the Free-from Food category by our sister magazine The Grocer, was awarded to the company for its pastry.

Lorraine Mullaney of the Grocer said: “Making a gluten-free pastry that tastes good and doesn’t crack is the Holy Grail of free-from food.

“That’s why Riverside Bakery spent over a year and £250,000 developing what it claims is the UK’s first range of gluten-free pastry products.”

NO.G brand manager, Sam Benjamin, said: “We’re delighted that NO.G has won such a prestigious award.

“It’s been a really exciting year for the brand and the Innovation team in the bakery have worked hard to create a wide variety of products for our customers.

“We now have 17 products in the range – from quiches and pies to soufflés and puddings – and we love the feedback from our customers, who love the high quality and great taste of NO.G and the fact that you don’t have to be a coeliac to enjoy them.”

The Grocer’s annual Top Products Survey reviewed more than £100bn worth of products in 101 categories.

The survey is its biggest ever, and takes stock of how the price war is changing the way Britain shops.